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"Theatre Boutique: An Extraordinary Showcase of Short Plays"

Welcome to the fascinating world of Theatre Boutique, an innovative and thrilling show that brings short plays, in an unconventional setting. This production will transport you to a magical universe where talented actors breathe life into successful texts that have captivated audiences worldwide.

Theatre Boutique is much more than a typical theatrical performance; it is an intimate and personal experience that immerses you in a unique and engaging environment. Say goodbye to conventional large theater halls and embrace a cozy and exclusive space specially designed to enjoy proximity and connection with the actors and the stories unfolding before your eyes.

Each of the short plays featured in this show has been carefully selected for its quality and success in different parts of the world. These texts, penned by renowned contemporary playwrights, will make you laugh, feel moved, and contemplate in just a matter of minutes. From hilarious comedies to poignant dramas, Theatre Boutique encompasses a wide range of genres and themes to cater to all tastes.

The true highlight of this spectacle lies in the caliber of the actors who take center stage. These high-quality performers have been meticulously chosen for their ability to convey emotions and immerse the audience in each story. Their masterful acting will make you believe you are witnessing real-life moments, creating an intimate and genuine connection that will linger in your memory.

The intimate ambiance of Theatre Boutique also encourages interaction between the actors and the audience. Don't be surprised if the characters approach you, ask questions, or even invite you to participate in a scene. This unique interactivity fosters a dynamic and stimulating theatrical experience that will keep you fully engaged in the world of each play.

In summary, Theatre Boutique is a show that combines outstanding acting, successful texts, and an unconventional space to provide an unforgettable theatrical experience. Immerse yourself in this magical universe and let yourself be carried away by the emotions, laughter, and contemplation that only theater in its most intimate form can offer. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy this unique show that has captured the hearts of audiences around the world!



Teatro Boutique se presentó en Kokai con dos comedias cortas maravillosas. 

Con la conducción de Nuria Ferrer y grandes actrices. "En esta obra nadie llora" y "Aquellas Cabareteras" divirtieron al público mientras cenaban.

La conducción estuvo a cargo de Nuria Ferrer.
y el elenco: contó con la participación de Natalia Yonni, Aniluli Muñecas, Caro Gramajo, Paula Zelaya, Maria Asenjo, Carolina Laursen, Queca Gordillo.



El Miércoles 6 de marzo en @helmet_one PAFF realizo la segunda edición de  MUJERES ARTISTAS.

Tras el éxito del año pasado, PAFF y Helmet One ofrecieron dos horarios diferentes para que nadie se pierda este evento cultural en un ambiente único, apto para todo público, en el que disfrutaron de monólogos sobre mujeres de la historia, cuenta cuentos, stand up comedy, teatro boutique, música y muchas sorpresas más.

Este evento se realizó gracias al apoyo del Department of Cultural Affairs del condado de Miami Dade, Consulado General de España en Miami, AECID y a la colaboración de Unique International Properties, Día Libre Viajes, Juan Lopresti Producciones, Una Vodka, Orellana Moving, Vicky Ray Studio, Kool Printing y Body and Soul salón and Med Spa.


Paff celebró el Día Internacional de la Mujer junto a mujeres artistas.​

Caro Gramajo, Queca Gordillo, Paula Zelaya, María Asenjo, Natalia Yonni, Carolina Laursen, Victoria Murtagh, Florencia Rizzo,

Laura Calvo de Mora, Cristina Gambón, Jimena Gutiérrez, Cecilia Guiraldes.

Conducido por Nuria Ferrer Muñoz Seca y Natalia Tarica.

Boutique Theater from Miami to Los Angeles, 2023


The micro plays "Futurophobia" by Carolina Laursen and "Creative Process" by Tina Cottin, have been selected to participate in the International Brisk Festival, which takes place this August and September in Santa Monica, California.

A representation from PAFF, along with the actors, actresses, and directors of these two wonderful micro works, has traveled there.

Teatro Boutique at Helmet One 's Art Corner, Miami 2023

PAFF hosted another Boutique Theater night at Helmet One on February 24th.
"En esta obra nadie llora” y “Tu propio engaño”.

Cast of "En esta obra nadie llora”: Caro Gramajo, Queca Gordillo, Paula Zelaya, María Asenjo y Natalia Yonni.

Direction : Carolina Laursen.

Cast of “Tu propio engaño” : Karen Barba, Natalia Chellew.

Direction : Victoria Murtagh.

PAFF presented two short plays at the "Art Corner":

"Reina del Hogar" written, directed, and performed by Victoria Murtagh, and

"En esta obra nadie llora" a comedy by Mariana de Althaus, directed by Carolina Laursen.

Cast: Caro Gramajo, Queca Gordillo, Paula Zelaya, María Asenjo y Natalia Yonni.

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